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and enjoy the sun.

Business lease cars are a vital component to your companies’ day to day success. As of 2018 we're adding car leasing to our extensive portfolio. These consist of combinations of new and used cars or vans from any of our manufacturers.

Whatever it is your business needs we can supply the perfect solution to your motoring needs. Leasing  for personal use is also an option. This has varios benefits including but not limited to; your budget going further so you can afford a better quality vehicle and not worry about vehicle depreciation, available savings on a down payment and initial fees, flexibility etc. A lot of companies like the benefit of being able to frequently upgrade their vehicles on a lease deal.

We have several options available to you with regards to leasing. Garage Cordia's sales agents are well trained in all aspects of lease options such as contract hire, business contract purchase, lease purchase and more.

To get some information about how we can help you and you and/or your business with your fleet requirements contact us.