Manufactured with your PEOPLE in Mind.

Toyota forklifts are designed and manufactured from the ground up with operator safety, comfort, productivity and efficiency in mind. The full line of material handling equipment ranges from hand pallet jacks to electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, electric hand pallet jacks & stackers, electric rider palled jacks, high-capacity forklifts, automated guided vehicles and new container handlers and port equipment. Whatever your lifting, moving, stacking or handling needs may be, Toyota has the solution.

Toyota Reach Trucks

Introducing the new definition of perfection with a forklift series that has been developed with the most complete warehouse management technologies that automatically control high lifting and reduce storage time for highest efficiency. The forklifts come with design innovation for compact vehicle that allows for accessibility in any area with greater visibility by moving structural pillars to the back of the truck. What’s more, the battery has been enhanced to allow for up to nine hours of operations and enable you to work on heavy duty all day long.

Technical specifications

Sourcing and maintaining a robust forklift fleet that is ready to tackle your material handling needs is a challenge throughout various industries. Whether shifting loads of material for manufacturing, offloading finished products, moving giant rolls of paper, or working among shipping facilities, the right forklift can mean the difference between profitability and depressing reports.

Toyota’s line of internal combustion (IC) forklifts fills needs across many specialized industries. Whether your operation is indoors or outdoors, Toyota has an IC product that is right for your business. Our products feature thoughtful ergonomics that reduce operator strain and fatigue, countless options to meet your specialized needs, and the renowned quality, reliability, durability, and value that come with the Toyota name.

With lifting capacities from 3,000 to 125,000 pounds, Toyota offers a full line of IC forklifts to meet almost any need. Here are a few that could take your business performance to the next level.


Capacity 2.5 Ton

• Side Shift Fork E62.

• Wide Visible Mast (Fsv) - 4700 Mm.   (or 4500MM - 3.0 Ton)

• Long Forks - 1220 Mm.

• Front J Lug Pneumatic-Shaped Cushion Tire.

• Rear J Lug Pneumatic-Shaped Cushion Tire.

• Yellow Strobe Light On Ohg (Reverse Position).

• Led Rear Combination Lights.

• Headlights W/Front Combination Lights.

• Led-Two Rear Working Lights (Selective Lighting Condition).

• Back-Up Buzzer With On-Off Switch.

• Multifunction Display 2.

• Rear-Pillar Assist Grip.

• Suspension Seat W/ Damper.

• Rear-View Mirror,Right And Left Sides.

• Tool,Standard Set (A Set).

• Certificated Label.

• Unit Indication,Mm/Kg.

• Name Plate (English).